Do you know?

Sunlight takes a little over eight minutes to reach Earth and a few seconds longer to make contact with your solar panels. Solar power, one of the cleanest, the sustainable, and renewable source of energy. Talking about Going-Green, solar can reduce pollution by 100 tons of carbon dioxide in its lifetime and this includes the energy it took to manufacture the solar panels. This can improve future air quality for humans as well as the millions of living species negatively affected by pollution each year.

We at SPVL solar energy LLP being earth-friendly are providing the solar solution to the residential, commercial and industrial sector.


Solar panel a long-term savings. Because it’s basically free to capture the power of the sun. Solar power can reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs as soon as they are installed.


Solar an alternative to generate electricity. Provide energy solutions by modifying the energy proportion, improving energy stability, increasing energy sustainability.

Commercial (Institute, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals etc)

Minimize cooling expense and electricity bills. With simpler, cheaper, cleaner, and all-around better energy solution. An eco-friendly image is good for any company, results in a positive response from consumers.

Operation & Maintenance

Focusing solely on services and maintenance of solar system. Annual Maintenance Contract, assurance of a system that will continue to perform at its optimum for the lifespan of the product.